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A Listing of Detachment Personnel in Alphabetical order by last name. Those still serving on the program (other than the Detachment Commander) cannot be listed until they are reassigned. Be sure and Check for YOUR name.


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.A listing of Detachment Personnel grouped by the year they served. Those still serving on the program (other than the Detachment Commander) cannot be listed until they are reassigned. Be sure and Check for YOUR name.


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Emails from Detachment Personnel (and others) by date. Review them for those you served with and hopefully reconnect. Many are members of MEGA now


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News relating to this Detachment from MEGA Members and other sources. All MSG are encouraged to submit their experiences on the program past and present


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Photos from Detachment Personnel and others. Help build this roster by submitting the names and photos to . Include as much information as you can


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Photos submitted by MSG's (and others) world-wide. Help build this roster by sending an email to and include those names along with any memories and scanned photos you wish to share.











HQBn, HQMC / RMO Region ? (1948-1954)
Fox Co., HQMC / RMO Region ? (1954-1971)
MSGBn / Company G (1971-2007)
MCESG / Region 7 (2007-)

Detachment Within Ghana



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