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In Memoriam
05/10//2006(Jack): Researching the web, found several  former MSG Iraq KIA.  Added In-Memoriam Pages for them, linked from Main Page
Main Page -  Cleanup
05/10//2006(Jack): Spent a bit of time cleaning up the main archives page
Many - Many updates in 2005 to March 2006
03/14/2006(Jack): This page has definately dropped off the radar.  There have been significant updates to the site over the past 2 years.   I'll attempt to keep  this page updated moving forward. For a taste of the added content, simply review the main page until this page becomes populated with updates moving forward 
MEGA TAPS - In Memoriam: Captain Phillip Miller
Former MSG NCOIC - MSgt Phillip Miller - Tripoli - 1961-1964
Added MSG Det Page for Tripoli, and link from Detachments main page

MEGA TAPS - In Memoriam: Sgt Carlos Rodgrigues
03/25/2004(Jack): MSG Detachment  Tegucigalpa & Vienna 2002 - 2003

MEGA TAPS - In Memoriam: Colonel Hershey
03/12/2004(Jack):  Former RMO - Europe

Updated Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, El Sal, Congo Pages

02/12/2004(Jack):  Updating detachment Pages - Ryahd/Jeddah/Dahran, Addis Ababa, Brasilia, Rio, Sao Paulo.  Received bunch of info from Congo, El Salvador,  Turkey and updated the pages. 
- Started displaying new detachment photos on main page a few times a week.

Taps Page
02/05/2004(Jack): Reformatted the Obituaries Page, and Renamed it to Taps

New Info link found for Country Statistics,
01/27/2004(Jack): Found a Site which provided Statistical Information on Countries, and began adding country specific links to the detachment pages.
 NationMaster  - 

Updated Sofia, Minsk, Taipei, Paris Pages,
01/25/2004(Jack):  Continued page cleanup adding update notes received from former MSGs

Updated San Salvador Page,
01/17/2004(Jack):  Continued updating San Salvador Page with input from Fred Goodell, Al  Kelleher   and Pat Moore

Updated Leopoldville, Kinshasa, Mogadishu, Pages,
01/14/2004(Jack):  incorporated internet research and updated pages with content.

Added Class Photos to Main Timeline,
01/10/2004(Jack): obtained MSG Class Photos from MSG History Project, added to Archives and displayed on Main Archives page

Added New Link to review HistoricalItems Folder,
01/06/2004(Jack):  Included reference to MSG who died of Food Poisening in 1967

Added Copenhagen Detachment Page,
01/06/2004(Jack):  Included reference to MSG who died of Food Poisening in 1967

Added Personal Profiles for Col Hasty, Charles May,
01/05/2004(Jack):  Added links from Who's Who, and detachment pages

Updated Vietnam: PPSU / Saigon/ DeNang / Can Tho Pages
01/05/2004(Jack):  New Pages...adding info and links

Updated Paris Detachment Page
01/04/2004(Jack):  Added data submitted by Sgt Chuck O'Connell (1989-90)

Added Historical Profile for SSgt Handwork, Sgt Dickson, Sgt Weber & Sgt Kwiatkowski (KIA San Salvador - 1978),
01/02/2004(Jack):  Profiles of MSGs killed in San Salvador 1978

Added Historical Profile for Sgt Tuberville (Phnom Penh),
12/31/2003(Jack):  Profile of MSG killed in Phnom Penh, 1971.

Added Historical Profile for Col Forest Hunt  to MSG Battalion Who's Who
12/31/2003(Jack):  Updated MSG Who's Who with Col Hunt's profile including and extensive article on his Bio.

Added Award Info for Sgt Gary Gruenwald
12/31/2003(Jack):  Added Temporary Awards Page for Gary Gruenwald - Tunis - 1976 - Navy & Marine Corps Medal

Added Post #1 Page
12/31/2003(Jack):  Began Log of HISTCOM activities

Updated MSG Battalian Page - Command Staff JPG
12/31/2003(Jack):  Added JPG of MSG Command Staff to Marine Security Guard Battalion Page under Detachments

Updated Links  Page with extensive Research Related Links
12/30/2003(Jack):  Check these links out...lots of interesting info.

Dominican Republic  Detachments Data

El Salvador Detachments Data
12/30/2003(Jack):  Awaiting input from detachment MSGs

Bangkok & Chang Mai Thailand Detachments Data
12/29/2003(Jack):  Added Thailand Detachments.

MSG Bn Who's Who Updates
12/29/2003(Jack):  Added Sgt Maj Cleary / Kent to MSG Who's Who.
Tehran Detachment data
12/20/2003(Jack): Updated Tehran Detachment

Jerusalem Detachment data
12/20/2003(Dave): Updated Jarusalem Detachment

Baghdad Detachment data
12/20/2003(Jack): Sent request to Baghdad marines logged into Roll Call page / receiving  info  updating page

Rome Detachment data
12/20/2003(Jack): Receiving  info from 1950s detachments, updating page

Historical Timeline data
12/3/2003(Jack): added links to detachment pages from time lines

Detachment - Message Area
12/10/2003 (Jack): Added new Message Area for Detachment Pages. Begin rolling it into detachments

Historical Timeline data
12/3/2003 (Jack): Updated Index/Welcome pages with historical information / links

Detachment  Updates
12/2/2003:  Began adding new common content to detachments (post specific languages, news information and travel links

Nairobi Detachment
12/1/2003: Updated Detachment pages with links to 1998 Bombing info & 2003 Bombing Plot

SALT1 Detachment
12/1/2003:  Received SALT1 information from Adrian Lopez, added to Special Ops (JM)
12/3/2003: Added MSG-Debrief Historical Item for SALT 1 (Adrian Lopez)

MSG Special Ops
12/2003:  Created Special Ops Links from Detachment Pages, highlighting MSGs on to special duty assignments (JM)


09/13 - 10/30/2003:  Added Time Line - Initial data for demonstration (JM)

09/11- 10/30/2003:  Created all MSG Det Pages to begin inserting historical Data (JM)

09/07 - 10/30/2003:  Created Awards Pages - Ready for historical inserts. (JM)

09/05 - 10/30/2003:  Began adding 2003 MEGA Officers (JM)

09/10 - 10/30/2003: Began adding MSG Profiles.  (JM)

09/03 - 10/30/2003:  Begin Logging Historical Data (JM)