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Added an Unidentified Photos Album to the Photo Gallery
Jan - 2009 (Stewart Grant& Bill Potts) - New album is to be the place holder for photos needing identification by MEGA  membership and visitors.  Link built on the Archives Index page to accomodate the new album.      
Revise The Historical Archives Detachment Locator Page 
Nov - 2008 (Bill P) - Completed the alphabetic sequencing of the detachments
Revise All Detachment Pages To The New V3.0 Standard 
Nov - Dec 2008 (Selected PageMasters) - To be completed by the end of the calendar year. Completed Jan '09.  
New Photo Galley Launch - Migration of Old Photos 
Oct - Nov 9, 2008 (PageMaster Team) Installation, training and initial loading of the new photo gallery    
Nov 10, 2008(PageMaster Team) - Public launch of the new photo gallery
Nov - Dec 2008 (Bill P) - Complete migration of old photos to the new photo gallery
Dec 2008  - Feb 2009 (PageMaster Team) Process and reduce photo backlog.  Process new photos
New Chairman of The Historical Archives Committee 
Oct 10, 2008 - Stewart Grant replaced Jack McGarry
 Logo Redesign - Reunion Photo Albums
Jan - Dec 2007(Jack) - Reunion Pages, Photo Albums, Log Books
June - Dec (Joel) - Major Paris updates - Photo Albums
Main Archives Page -  Guestbook
May_2006(Jack) - Added new Guestbook to main page
Detachment Pages - Guestbooks
May_2006(Jack): Adding Guestbooks to all detachment pages, as pages are updated or created
Arvhices Pages - Style Redesign
May_2006(Jack): Updating all main pages - slowly updating detachment pages
May_2006(Jack): Created new Page for MEGA_Wives - Page Master is Mary Tracy
Historical Archives Home
In Memoriam
05/10//2006(Jack): Researching the web, found several  former MSG Iraq KIA.  Added In-Memoriam Pages for them, linked from Main Page
Main Page -  Cleanup
05/10//2006(Jack): Spent a bit of time cleaning up the main archives page
Many - Many updates in 2005 to March 2006
03/14/2006(Jack): This page has definately dropped off the radar.  There have been significant updates to the site over the past 2 years.   I'll attempt to keep  this page updated moving forward. For a taste of the added content, simply review the main page until this page becomes populated with updates moving forward 
MEGA TAPS - In Memoriam: Captain Phillip Miller
Former MSG NCOIC - MSgt Phillip Miller - Tripoli - 1961-1964
Added MSG Det Page for Tripoli, and link from Detachments main page

MEGA TAPS - In Memoriam: Sgt Carlos Rodgrigues
03/25/2004(Jack): MSG Detachment  Tegucigalpa & Vienna 2002 - 2003

MEGA TAPS - In Memoriam: Colonel Hershey
03/12/2004(Jack):  Former RMO - Europe

Updated Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, El Sal, Congo Pages

02/12/2004(Jack):  Updating detachment Pages - Ryahd/Jeddah/Dahran, Addis Ababa, Brasilia, Rio, Sao Paulo.  Received bunch of info from Congo, El Salvador,  Turkey and updated the pages. 
- Started displaying new detachment photos on main page a few times a week.

Taps Page
02/05/2004(Jack): Reformatted the Obituaries Page, and Renamed it to Taps

New Info link found for Country Statistics,
01/27/2004(Jack): Found a Site which provided Statistical Information on Countries, and began adding country specific links to the detachment pages.
 NationMaster  - 

Updated Sofia, Minsk, Taipei, Paris Pages,
01/25/2004(Jack):  Continued page cleanup adding update notes received from former MSGs

Updated San Salvador Page,
01/17/2004(Jack):  Continued updating San Salvador Page with input from Fred Goodell, Al  Kelleher   and Pat Moore

Updated Leopoldville, Kinshasa, Mogadishu, Pages,
01/14/2004(Jack):  incorporated internet research and updated pages with content.

Added Class Photos to Main Timeline,
01/10/2004(Jack): obtained MSG Class Photos from MSG History Project, added to Archives and displayed on Main Archives page

Added New Link to review HistoricalItems Folder,
01/06/2004(Jack):  Included reference to MSG who died of Food Poisening in 1967

Added Copenhagen Detachment Page,
01/06/2004(Jack):  Included reference to MSG who died of Food Poisening in 1967

Added Personal Profiles for Col Hasty, Charles May,
01/05/2004(Jack):  Added links from Who's Who, and detachment pages

Updated Vietnam: PPSU / Saigon/ DeNang / Can Tho Pages
01/05/2004(Jack):  New Pages...adding info and links

Updated Paris Detachment Page
01/04/2004(Jack):  Added data submitted by Sgt Chuck O'Connell (1989-90)

Added Historical Profile for SSgt Handwork, Sgt Dickson, Sgt Weber & Sgt Kwiatkowski (KIA San Salvador - 1978),
01/02/2004(Jack):  Profiles of MSGs killed in San Salvador 1978

Added Historical Profile for Sgt Tuberville (Phnom Penh),
12/31/2003(Jack):  Profile of MSG killed in Phnom Penh, 1971.

Added Historical Profile for Col Forest Hunt  to MSG Battalion Who's Who
12/31/2003(Jack):  Updated MSG Who's Who with Col Hunt's profile including and extensive article on his Bio.

Added Award Info for Sgt Gary Gruenwald
12/31/2003(Jack):  Added Temporary Awards Page for Gary Gruenwald - Tunis - 1976 - Navy & Marine Corps Medal

Added Post #1 Page
12/31/2003(Jack):  Began Log of HISTCOM activities

Updated MSG Battalian Page - Command Staff JPG
12/31/2003(Jack):  Added JPG of MSG Command Staff to Marine Security Guard Battalion Page under Detachments

Updated Links  Page with extensive Research Related Links
12/30/2003(Jack):  Check these links out...lots of interesting info.

Dominican Republic  Detachments Data

El Salvador Detachments Data
12/30/2003(Jack):  Awaiting input from detachment MSGs

Bangkok & Chang Mai Thailand Detachments Data
12/29/2003(Jack):  Added Thailand Detachments.

MSG Bn Who's Who Updates
12/29/2003(Jack):  Added Sgt Maj Cleary / Kent to MSG Who's Who.
Tehran Detachment data
12/20/2003(Jack): Updated Tehran Detachment

Jerusalem Detachment data
12/20/2003(Dave): Updated Jarusalem Detachment

Baghdad Detachment data
12/20/2003(Jack): Sent request to Baghdad marines logged into Roll Call page / receiving  info  updating page

Rome Detachment data
12/20/2003(Jack): Receiving  info from 1950s detachments, updating page

Historical Timeline data
12/3/2003(Jack): added links to detachment pages from time lines

Detachment - Message Area
12/10/2003 (Jack): Added new Message Area for Detachment Pages. Begin rolling it into detachments

Historical Timeline data
12/3/2003 (Jack): Updated Index/Welcome pages with historical information / links

Detachment  Updates
12/2/2003:  Began adding new common content to detachments (post specific languages, news information and travel links

Nairobi Detachment
12/1/2003: Updated Detachment pages with links to 1998 Bombing info & 2003 Bombing Plot

SALT1 Detachment
12/1/2003:  Received SALT1 information from Adrian Lopez, added to Special Ops (JM)
12/3/2003: Added MSG-Debrief Historical Item for SALT 1 (Adrian Lopez)

MSG Special Ops
12/2003:  Created Special Ops Links from Detachment Pages, highlighting MSGs on to special duty assignments (JM)


09/13 - 10/30/2003:  Added Time Line - Initial data for demonstration (JM)

09/11- 10/30/2003:  Created all MSG Det Pages to begin inserting historical Data (JM)

09/07 - 10/30/2003:  Created Awards Pages - Ready for historical inserts. (JM)

09/05 - 10/30/2003:  Began adding 2003 MEGA Officers (JM)

09/10 - 10/30/2003: Began adding MSG Profiles.  (JM)

09/03 - 10/30/2003:  Begin Logging Historical Data (JM)